A downloadable game

A simple TDS. My first commercial game, I own the rights to everything in it!(SFX by bfxr.net)


- 3 weapon types (more planned in free updates)

- Heat Meter. Don't overheat your weapons!

- 8-bit/chiptune SFX.

- 3 enemy types (possibly more in free updates)

- Scores (Hi-Scores planned in free updates)

- 3 unique power-ups (more planned in free updates)

This game is in early access, as such plenty of free updates are to come.

If you like my other (free) games and want to support me, buy this game!


WASD to move.

Left click to shoot.

Right click to cycle weapons.

Have fun!

(Shoot Stuff is sold completely as-is.)

2/5/2015 - UPDATE #1!!

- Added 2 new enemy types.

- Special enemies spawn slightly more often on harder difficulties.

- Pressing ESC in-game brings you back to the menu.

Install instructions

Simply download the exe, put it wherever you want, and play!

(Windows users only!)


ShootStuffUpdate1.exe 3 MB